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Device FSCA

Our FSCA (Fast Spark Control Automat) device prevents any abnormal discharges so that the EDM process can be safe and stable. The device works with all most commonly used material combinations (+Copper -Steel, +Graphite -Steel, +Copper -Aluminium, +Graphite -Aluminium, +Steel -Steel) with ON-time ranging from 2 to 1000µs and currents as low as 2A and all the way up to 400A, on both polarities.

During the EDM process problems can occur due to the currents that flow between the electrode and workpiece. Those currents can be divided into two groups:

  • Beneficial currents in which the impulses reach a desirable removal rate with a predictable surface finish and optimal electrode wear and

  • Harmful currents with abnormal impulses that cause a localization of discharges between the electrode and workpiece. This results in a high risk of arcing, immediate rate removal reduction and increase of electrode wear. Arcing can even lead to inflammation of the dielectric fluid and is considered a huge fire hazard. If the process is not immediately stopped manually the workpiece as well as the electrode can be ruined and fire is basically inevitable.

Solution to this problem is our device for process control FSCA, which can recognize harmful impulses in their developing stage.

IMPORTANT: The device is fully automatic and does not need any manual interference as other devices on the market do. With the FSCA device the eroding process is optimal regardless if the SEDM machine is new or old. The FSCA will “pay for itself” – due to the research conducted with our clients and partners – in 4 to 7 months of use.

For more information contact us and we will be glad to help.