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Normal discharges create a desired removal of the work piece material with a predictable surface finish quality and little wear of the electrode.

Abnormal discharges, however, concentrate on one spot of the work piece, melting the already removed solidified particles and blazing the cracked carbon from the dielectric fluid. This results in a high risk of arcing, reduced metal removal rate, increased electrode consumption, and a deteriorated surface quality. Arcs damage the tool electrode as well as the work piece. They may also cause an inflammation of the dielectric fluid.

To avoid and prevent arcing, it is essential to have a control system that is able to “look ahead” and cut off the development of abnormal discharges at their initial formation.

EDM 3AM is fully automatic (without any operator intervention) and provides stability during all phases of the machining process, no matter the geometry conditions of the electrode.

Our EDM 3AM works with all commonly used material combinations (+Graphite -steel, +copper -steel, +steel -steel) with an ON-time range of 6 to 1000 and cutting currents from 2 to several hundred amps.

By using EDM 3AM, the EDM process remains absolutely stable in “high performance” machining.