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We created the new Otto Pro sinking EDM machine with two main objectives:

  1. To create a practical solution, available to a wide range of clients, for the latest achievements and radically improved capabilities of sinking EDM
  2. To develop an EDM sinker that will provide greater effectiveness and better performance for a lesser price than any other machine on the market.

With these objectives in mind, we have created Otto PRO, a premium machine at an affordable cost for prospective clients.

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Below, please find a brief list of technical information on our new product:

1. Generator

  • The working current pulse duration has been reduced to 0.5 µs on the actual machine tool. This cut in duration permits for the realization of finishing regimes.
  • The pulse fall time has been dramatically decreased, which has led to an immensely improved performance and quality.
  • Due to the “hot spare” approach of the generator’s design, the generator is highly reliable.

2. Process Control System

  • The Process Control System is able to recognize and eliminate “bad” pulses within a phenomenally short time frame – mere fractions of a microsecond. This unique and novel capability completely eradicates the possibility of localized discharge that could lead to electrode damage.
  • The system also works proactively to prevent unwanted conditions from forming.
  • The system has an extremely high flexibility rate and is very adaptive to the whole spectrum of sinking EDM.
  • The system allows for the machining of parts with a highly complex geometry. Until Otto PRO, this was possible only with the use of expensive machinery, and typically, after a series of test cuts.

3. Software Control System

  • The Software Control System contains all necessary functions to control the machine, and includes an especially designed, multi-functional technology software.
  • The graphic software user interface is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate.
  • The system allows for a quick selection of appropriate technology settings. The chosen setting then works autonomously to complete the process.

4. Machine Tool

  • The Machine Tool has been fabricated using a high-quality cast iron (FC-35) for increased rigidity and workpiece capacity.
  • Key parts of the tool, such as motors and drives, guides, glass scales, ball screws, and couplings, are made by trusted manufacturers. These parts allow for high precision and longevity of the tool.

5. EDM Technology

  • The EDM Technology is based on features of the generator, machine tool, software, and process control system. It has been built on many years of experience and a continual drive for innovation and excellence.
  • The technology allows clients to choose their optimal combination of undersize, final roughness, electrode wear, and time required for the process.
  • The more complicated the geometry of the electrode, the more valuable the features of our technology.

Otto Pro brochure (coming soon)

Otto Pro Technical Specification (coming soon)