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Company with name Otto Technologija d.o.o. started as a research laboratory in Ljubljana in the early 90s. Our founder, Dr. Mark Otto, is a globally renowned expert, recognized as a Pioneer of Electric Discharge Machining by EDM Today. Dr. Otto is a two-time ph.Dr. and holds over 80 patents for his inventions in the EDM field. Ever since its inception, Otto Technologija d.o.o. has assumed the role of an expert EDM consultancy at the forefront of our industry.

For nearly thirty years, Otto Technologija d.o.o. has successfully partnered with leading global manufacturers to find innovative solutions. Our work has allowed clients to advance their products and positioning in today’s market. The mission of Otto Technologija d.o.o. is simple: to offer clients premium products at a lesser cost.

When it comes to sinking EDM, we are the solution. Learn about what we do and browse our products and services.